About the Hvidøre Study Group

The Hvidøre Study Group on Childhood Diabetes evolved in 1994 during a workshop to discuss strategies that could be important in improving the quality of paediatric diabetes care.

The name is taken from the house in which the annual meetings are held. Hvidøre is a stately country mansion, which for 50 years was used as the Novo diabetes hospital. It is now a training and conference centre owned by Novo Nordisk A/S, which works in partnership with the study group.

Mission Statement

The Hvidoere Study Group on Childhood Diabetes is committed to performing high quality collaborative multicentre research in children and adolescents aimed at improving their diabetes care.


1. To stimulate and perform innovative scientific research in children and adolescents with diabetes
2. To enhance the impact of scientific research by multicentre collaboration
3. To share and compare data from international centres of excellence
4. To increase the awareness of research in paediatric diabetes by publicity and publications
5. To improve through research the understanding and quality of care in children and adolescents with diabetes and by health care professionals


Grateful acknowledgement is due to Novo Nordisk A/S , Copenhagen, Denmark who have sponsored and supported the study group from its inception and continue to do so via a 'foundation' specifically established for the purpose.